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VolleyballSat, Oct 19 Montana State Billings3-1W
Montana State Billings3-1W
Women's SoccerSat, Oct 19 Central Washington1-0W
Central Washington1-0W
Men's SoccerThu, Oct 17 Concordia (Portland)0-2L
Concordia (Portland)0-2L
Women's SoccerThu, Oct 17 Saint Martin's3-1W
Saint Martin's3-1W
VolleyballTue, Oct 15 Saint Martin's3-0W
Saint Martin's3-0W
Women's SoccerSat, Oct 12 Simon Fraser4-0W
Simon Fraser4-0W
Men's SoccerSat, Oct 12 Montana State Billings0-1L
Montana State Billings0-1L
VolleyballSat, Oct 12 Western Washington0-3L
Western Washington0-3L
VolleyballThu, Oct 10 Simon Fraser2-3L
Simon Fraser2-3L
Men's SoccerThu, Oct 10 Northwest Nazarene5-2W
Northwest Nazarene5-2W
VolleyballSat, Oct 05 Western Oregon3-0W
Western Oregon3-0W
Women's SoccerSat, Oct 05 Western Oregon0-2L
Western Oregon0-2L
Men's SoccerSat, Oct 05 Simon Fraser2-4L
Simon Fraser2-4L
Women's SoccerThu, Oct 03 Concordia (Portland)3-0W
Concordia (Portland)3-0W
Men's SoccerThu, Oct 03 Western Washington1-3L
Western Washington1-3L
VolleyballThu, Oct 03 Concordia (Portland)1-3L
Concordia (Portland)1-3L
Women's SoccerSat, Sep 28 Saint Martin's2-0W
Saint Martin's2-0W
VolleyballSat, Sep 28 Northwest Nazarene3-1W
Northwest Nazarene3-1W
Men's SoccerSat, Sep 28 Azusa Pacific0-2L
Azusa Pacific0-2L
Women's SoccerThu, Sep 26 Northwest Nazarene3-0W
Northwest Nazarene3-0W
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Upcoming Games

Men's SoccerThu, Oct 24 Saint Martin'sSaint Martin's
Saint Martin'sSaint Martin's
VolleyballThu, Oct 24 Northwest NazareneRoyal Brougham Pavil
Northwest NazareneRoyal Brougham Pavil
Women's SoccerThu, Oct 24 Western WashingtonWestern Washington
Western WashingtonWestern Washington
Men's SoccerSat, Oct 26 Concordia (Portland)Interbay Stadium
Concordia (Portland)Interbay Stadium
VolleyballSat, Oct 26 Central WashingtonRoyal Brougham Pavil
Central WashingtonRoyal Brougham Pavil
Women's SoccerSat, Oct 26 Montana State BillingsMontana State Billin
Montana State BillingsMontana State Billin
VolleyballThu, Oct 31 Western OregonWestern Oregon
Western OregonWestern Oregon
Men's SoccerThu, Oct 31 Western WashingtonWestern Washington
Western WashingtonWestern Washington
Women's SoccerSat, Nov 02 Western OregonInterbay Stadium
Western OregonInterbay Stadium
VolleyballSat, Nov 02 Concordia (Portland)Concordia (Portland)
Concordia (Portland)Concordia (Portland)
Men's SoccerSat, Nov 02 Simon FraserSimon Fraser
Simon FraserSimon Fraser
Women's SoccerThu, Nov 07 Western WashingtonInterbay Stadium
Western WashingtonInterbay Stadium
VolleyballThu, Nov 07 Western WashingtonRoyal Brougham Pavil
Western WashingtonRoyal Brougham Pavil
Men's BasketballFri, Nov 08 Chico StateRoyal Brougham Pavil
Chico StateRoyal Brougham Pavil
Women's BasketballFri, Nov 08 Humboldt StateLumberjack Arena
Humboldt StateLumberjack Arena
Men's BasketballSat, Nov 09 Cal Poly PomonaRoyal Brougham Pavil
Cal Poly PomonaRoyal Brougham Pavil
Women's SoccerSat, Nov 09 Northwest NazareneInterbay Stadium
Northwest NazareneInterbay Stadium
Women's BasketballSat, Nov 09 Fresno PacificLumberjack Arena
Fresno PacificLumberjack Arena
VolleyballSat, Nov 09 Simon FraserRoyal Brougham Pavil
Simon FraserRoyal Brougham Pavil
Men's SoccerSat, Nov 09 Saint Martin'sInterbay Stadium
Saint Martin'sInterbay Stadium
Click on any sport above to see a full schedule for that sport.
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