SAYA MEZA|Editor-in-Chief |

Saya Meza is a senior pursuing a double-major in Psychology and Political Science. She has always had a passion for writing and has spent much of her free time working on poetry and creative stories for as long as she can remember.

In her third year at The Falcon, she is excited to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief. In the past, Meza has written for the features and opinions sections, and also served as the Opinions Editor.

Her goal for paper this year is to create an environment where different perspectives are encouraged to speak up and can be heard. She gladly welcomes all questions, responses and submissions throughout the year and invites any and all student to join The Falcon staff.


Julia Battishill is a sophomore currently pursuing a major in English literature, and a certificate in secondary education in the hopes of becoming an English teacher. Battishill was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, to book-loving parents and family. As a child, she fell in love with Nancy Drew mysteries and the magic of words and stories. By age 10, she was spending her free time writing 3 page “newspapers” for her family about the happenings of their neighborhood, and reading every book she could get her hands on. Her dream is to someday teach her students about the power of storytelling, words, and literature.
Battishill started as a staff reporter for the News section last year, and is so excited about the opportunity to edit for News this school year. Her goal as the News editor is to use the paper’s platform to elevate voices and tell true stories.

HOPE FITZGERALD|Assistant News Editor|

Hope Fitzgerald is a senior currently pursuing a major in Psychology, and a minor in Business Administration in the hopes of entering graduate school to pursue Industrial Organizational Psychology. Fitzgerald was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, and raised in both Scottsdale, Arizona and Monterey, California by two loving parents along with a little brother. She has always been very adventurous to pursue new challenges including skydiving, scuba diving, and barrel racing. The love of adventure allowed Fitzgerald to meet numerous people over the years. This evolved into a passion for helping others partake in new experiences such as tutoring underprivileged kids, researching team microbe feeding, managing local community events, and volunteering at triathlons. The Falcon presented a new opportunity to observe and interact with the university in a different light. Fitzgerald is eager to showcase the hard work of Seattle Pacific University’s student government and aspires to really listen to the students throughout this school year.

HEIDI SPECK|Features Editor|

Heidi Speck was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. She is a second-year at Seattle Pacific and is double majoring in Journalism and Art. In her position as the Features Editor, Speck hopes to encourage a more nuanced perspective of the community by exploring the many opportunities the university provides.

KONNER HANCOCK|Sports Editor |

Konner Hancock was born and raised in Federal Way, Washington. He is a sophomore majoring in Business and Economics. He loves watching and playing sports, his favorite being football. This year he hopes to showcase the great athletes at Seattle Pacific on and off the field.

K’REISA COX|Opinions Editor|

K’reisa Cox is a sophomore pursuing a Business Administration degree. She is from Bellevue, Washington. She was an opinions columnist last year for the Falcon and continues to retain a love for writing and discussing difficult topics.

K’reisa has passion for faith, family, and justice and hopes to use these passions to bring insightful perspectives to the Falcon this year.

BEN HANSEN|Photo Editor|

Ben Hansen is a sophomore at Seattle Pacific University.  He is pursuing a double major in art with an emphasis in photography/digital media, and social justice and cultural studies focusing on art for social change.  In addition, he is also pursuing a minor in apparel design and fashion merchandising.

Ben was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. It was there that he found his passion for photography.  He also runs for SPU’s the Track and Field team as a mid to long distance athlete.  In his spare time, Ben enjoys photo-shoots, reading, cooking, hiking, and watching Netflix. His current favorite show is Disenchantment.

In his second year working with The Falcon, Ben is this year’s Photography Editor.  With truthful and engaging images, he strives to make sure his photography team will work together to accurately capture the community and events within and around the university’s campus.

JENN S. TRAN|Layout Editor|

Jenn S. Tran is a senior at SPU who is majoring in English with an emphasis in nonfiction creative writing, and minoring in Professional Writing, dabbling in a little journalism here and there. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, she is more than ready to leave her hometown after graduation.

As 1/2 of the layout editors, her hopes are to create updated visuals in order for The Falcon’s content to be laid out and displayed. She believes that visuals are what captures the reader’s immediate eye. Outside of The Falcon, she spends her days practicing yoga, reading, cooking, and traveling the world. Her favorite book is A Catcher in the Rye, and favorite city is NYC.


Marissa is one of this years layout editors. She is a sophomore studying visual communications. Last year she enjoyed getting to document campus life as a part of the photo team and she is looking forward to having a bigger role in the paper this year!

TRISTEN WILSON|Multimedia Editor|

Tristen is a senior this year pursuing a Biology degree. This is her first year working for the Falcon, but has followed the paper since the beginning of her freshman year. She is excited to have a part in sharing what is happening on campus.


Breton Vander Zouwen is a fifth-year senior pursuing a degree in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. Vander Zouwen grew up in the country near Bellingham, Washington, and attributes his love of wide open spaces to this upbringing. He enjoys having his first coffee of the day at seven at night, followed by cursing this habit as he wakes up late for class the following morning. He’d like to claim that this caffeination schedule increases his ability to complete homework at night, but freely admits that the extra energy is instead directed towards his hobby in playing and designing role playing games. Vander Zouwen joined the Falcon because he spent too much time editing papers and diagramming sentences for fun anyways, so he decided he might as well transfer his interest in grammar to a more productive setting. As copy editor he hopes to make The Falcon as readable and clear as possible, avoiding major errors so as to stay unnoticed in the background.

MIKAYLA LOGUE|Business Manager||

Mikayla is the Falcon’s new Business Manager. She is currently a sophomore studying psychology. She had a great time being a Features writer last year and is excited to get down to business and explore a new side of journalism.

RICK JACKSON|Faculty Advisor|