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Spiritual standpoint after SPU

University practices help expand spirituality lens I have never been able to understand why or how I chose to study at SPU. Yet somehow, I felt strongly that it was where I was meant to be, and when I did not immediately get admitted in the spring of 2014, […]

Failed by U.S. health education

LGBTQ+ hurt by institutional disregard Based on a study conducted in 2014, the CDC estimates that “gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men account for 70 percent of new HIV infections in the United States.” Considering that queer men make up only a small fraction […]

Menstrual equality conversation

Contraceptives aid in expanding vital discussion I remember the first time I left school early because of my period. I was in the middle of a test when I realized I needed to use the restroom immediately. At 16 years old, I’d begun to suffer from blaring migraines, […]

Filling SPU leadership positions

Non-elected and unopposed candidates have greater responsibility to serve well ASSP is responsible for managing large amounts of money and making important decisions regarding our university. Because of the responsibility and power held by ASSP, it makes sense that the student body would have to vote to fill […]

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