The Falcon

My housemates and I going to a pumpkin patch on Halloween. As the crowds started to pile in, we left to avoid the lack of social distancing.

Needing normalcy

Julia Herman, Editor-in-Chief
January 7, 2021
Angela Ide spent the summer of 2020 at the Camp Four Heroes Girl Scout Camp as a camp counselor, before heading into her school year at Seattle Pacific University.

Blessed beyond belief

Angela Ide, Opinions Editor
January 7, 2021
Kyle Morrison with the 2018 Dublin High School varsity boys cross country team that got 4th in the state of California.

Long road ahead

Kyle Morrison, News Editor
January 7, 2021
Sports are a big part of my life, so much so I dressed up as a sports fan for Halloween in 2019 and attended the Emerson Hall Halloween party.

Uncertain future, uncertain outcomes

Daniel Newman, Sports Editor
January 7, 2021
Photo Illustration By Hailey Echan

Connection unstable

Hailey Echan, Features Editor
January 7, 2021
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