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K'reisa Cox

Repercussions of assisted suicide

104-year-old opts to end his life with physician help On Thursday May 10, scientist Dr. David Goodall decided at 104 years old to take his own life. However, his story was not like other suicides. It was methodically planned under supervision, condoned by his family, and supported by […]

Culture perpetuates sex trafficking

Negative effects of sex industry By K’reisa Cox Our society is plagued by silence. There are critical issues going undiscussed that are detrimental to the entire community. It’s important to track the origins of the darkest scars in our culture, and understand what circumstances allow them to continue. […]

Chapel improvement necessary

By K’reisa Cox Unlike many other Christian universities, students at Seattle Pacific University are not required to attend the weekly chapel service offered by the school. As I was embroiled in the college decision making process last year, it was one fact about SPU that I found especially […]

Protecting Pensions from Peeps

Compromise essential to both sides in beloved marshmallows’ controversy Can you imagine an Easter with no Peeps marshmallow garnishing baskets around the country? That is the picture the treats’ 95-year-old manufacturer, Just Born Quality Confections, is painting in its defense against the legal controversy it has been embroiled […]

Ledecky opts to go professional

Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky was once again in the headlines this month, but this time it was not for another athletic accomplishment. Instead, Ledecky announced the end of her swimming career at Stanford University. The decision may seem surprising for a 21 year old with five NCAA championship […]

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