An open letter to Liam Smith

Laur Lugos, Guest Writer

Laur is a 3rd year SPU student double majoring in Music Composition and Social Justice. She is passionate about creating inclusive spaces that foster restorative justice. (Courtesy of Laur Lugos)

I disagree with you. I, along with many others, am dedicating my career to undoing the harm of systemic racism. I believe that it is real. Nevertheless, I am intrigued by your fascination with individualism. You seem to be interested in personal liberty and consequences, therefore, I am choosing to call you out as an individual. Furthermore, since one of us lives in reality while the other lives in conspiracy (we don’t have to debate who lies where right now), I believe our only common ground can be through philosophy.

I think we can agree that people are capable of hurting one another on a personal, individual level. If I were to push someone to the ground, I could break their arm. If I were to emotionally abuse another person, they would have to recover from trauma. If I were to insult and verbally attack another person’s identity, my words would have weight.

Under the assumption that we both agree with these premises, I have a question for you:

Why are you choosing to hurt people?

You KNOW that people will react out of anger because of your words. You have written several articles about how “racial tension seems to be more prevalent.” You KNOW that people will feel hurt. You have stated that “division has seeped into the foundation of our relationships.” You KNOW that your actions will leave minorities triggered.

If you understand the power that the individual holds, why are you harnessing it to harm those around you?

This is not about me, but I am beyond confident that I am not the only person whose entire day was derailed because of your choice to regurgitate the ideologies of right-wing extremists.

I, as an individual, am hurt by your actions. How are you, as an individual, going to respond?

If you truly believe that it is “time for America to heal,” I urge you to engage with these questions.

Laur Lugos