SPU Students Lean Towards Biden in New Poll

A recent poll of students at Seattle Pacific University showed that most people on campus favor a Joe Biden presidency.

Carlos Snellenberg-Fraser, Staff Reporter

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The recent poll, conducted on campus of 116 students, showed that: 67% of students have voted or plan to vote for Joe Biden, 13% favor Donald Trump, with 10% of students voting third party, 6% planning not to vote, and 4% still unsure.

Third-year student, Kilee Jones, explained why she is voting in the general election for Joe Biden.

“I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because I feel as if the country has never been so divided and the president has cared so little about the people in this country,” Jones said.

Jones believes that Joe Biden is the best option for the country in this election and that Biden will address systemic issues such as injustices.

“Out of the candidates running, he is the best option for our country. I believe he is better spoken, willing to listen to the people, wants to fix injustices we face every day, believes in science, and wants the best for the country and its people. Not just the predominantly white rich people,” Jones continued. 

Second year student, Amelia Navarro, explained why her vote will be cast in support of Donald Trump, the current US president.

“I am voting for President Donald Trump because he is not politically correct and he has a strong stance on truly making America great again,” Navarro said.

Navarro explained that her support for Trump was a result of his efforts to reopen the country after seeing an economic collapse leading to multiple companies being shut down and thousands of people unemployed, including small business owners. 

“We have seen our economy collapse as multiple companies across the nation have shut down. As a result of that, thousands of people have lost their jobs. I know many families have been tremendously affected by this, especially small business owners,” Navarro said.

In regards to the policy stances, Navarro believes that Donald Trump is more in line with her values and policy views when it comes to the supreme court and being pro-life. 

“Trump is also pro-life and this is something I personally and morally stand by. He is electing people in the Supreme Court such as Amy Coney Barret, who hold traditional conservative and Christian beliefs,” Navarro said.

First-year student, Aidan Freeman, explained why he is voting for Joe Biden in the presidential election.

“I voted for Biden because any vote not for Biden is a vote against human rights issues, a vote against Black Lives Matter, a vote against women, and a vote for LGBTQ+ discrimination, misogyny, and facism,” Freeman said. “I will not stand for a man who I have watched skew the truth and line his pockets while the lives of hundreds of thousands of people are lost.”

The presidential election is already underway as many states have begun early-voting. With the final presidential debate finished, voters will soon be casting their ballots for the next President of the United States.