Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Students’ favorite Christmas traditions and memories

Olivia Stewart, Staff Writer

Illustration by Gabrialla Cockerell.

It is that time of the year. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and fall is coming to an end.

In the next two months, thousands of families will gather across the country to celebrate Christmas. The holiday season is near, and it is time to start preparing for it.

Whether it be listening to Christmas music on repeat, visiting family in different states or sitting around the fireplace drinking hot cocoa, many people enjoy celebrating the holidays with traditions every year.

Some traditions are popular, while others are more unique. However, they can all be meaningful and hold significance in the lives of countless people.

Junior integrative studies major Gurv Basra has a tradition of watching the NBA Christmas games every year.

“Growing up, I was the only person that celebrated Christmas in my own household, so I had to build my own traditions,” Basra said. “That was the one thing that I was always looking forward to every Christmas; watching all of the Christmas games all day, being glued to the tv [and] yelling at the tv.”

He recalled that his favorite memory was watching Kobe Bryant, the late star basketball player, play for the Los Angeles Lakers every year.

“Kobe was my favorite basketball player of all time, and honestly, seeing a legend play the game, especially on Christmas Day, is just amazing. It was very thrilling to see stars go head-to-head,” Basra said.

While sports are one way to kick off the holiday season, some people find joy in the small things, such as decorating their houses and spending time with extended family.

Freshman nursing major Sadie Mae Potts discussed some of her family’s fun Christmas customs.

“My favorite holiday tradition is decorating my house for Christmas with my whole family, because we are all together,” Potts said.

Like many other students, this is not the only annual holiday event for Potts. She reflected on other fun celebrations her family has shared in the past.

“Both of my parents have big families, so the Saturday before Christmas we always [have] a big party with my mom’s side of the family,” Potts said. “And then every Christmas Eve, we have my whole dad’s family and extended family over for a big Christmas Eve party.”

Another important part of the holidays is the variety of fun food and treats that many families spend time making together.

Joyce Kwon, freshman international affairs major, takes part in a Christmas tradition involving her extended family.

“I remember going to my cousin’s house every Christmas Eve or a few days before Christmas, and we would either make gingerbread houses or just bake and spend time together,” Kwon said.

Kwon is also involved in a tradition with her brothers that has been going on for years.

“Every year, since eighth grade or seventh grade, I started doing Advent calendars with my brothers. I don’t think we did one last year, sadly, but hopefully we do it this year,” Kwon said.

For people who celebrate Christmas, many traditions start at a young age. Some traditions stick, some do not. Some are even passed down to the next generation. All are meaningful in some way and allow families to make long-lasting memories with one another.

Each of these students expressed a tradition they loved. One of them talked about what it would mean to them in the future.

“I was the only person in the household that would always watch the NBA Christmas games,” Basra said. “I am hoping to pass this tradition generations down.”