Emerald city’s hidden gems

Experience some of Seattle’s unique underrated destinations

Olivia Stewart, Staff Writer

One of the eclectic collections of memorabilia available at the Fremont Vintage Mall. (Devin Murray)

The smell of seafood wafts through Pike Place Market. A thrilling elevator ride leads to the top of the Space Needle. The vast view of the city lights reflect off the water of the Puget Sound at Gas Works Park.

Each of these attractions are a part of the popular Seattle tourist experience. However, there are several other places unique to the city that have flown under the radar and deserve a spotlight.

Bella Nirk, freshman clinical psychology major, highly recommended that students from Seattle Pacific University visit the Fremont Vintage Mall. Nirk emphasized the fact that there was a bit of everything at the mall when she was there.

“You will likely walk out and find something in your hand whether that be a poster, a Y2K shirt or an old cassette. I think this vintage mall definitely deserves more attention because it is not overpriced like other vintage malls are,” Nirk said.

The vintage shops bring a unique perspective to Seattle, but the sandy beaches along the Puget Sound are much more difficult to find.

A gloomy fall day at Alki Beach Park. (Devin Murray)

Alki Beach is one of the few salt-water beaches in Washington state with sandy shores. It stretches across the waterfront of West Seattle while several different restaurants and shops line the nearby streets.

Junior mechanical engineering major Mohammed Ameri visited Alki a few months ago with his friends. He went on a hot day when the beach was packed with people.

“I found pretty awesome outdoor activities surrounding the beach. I love how people let us play volleyball without knowing them,” Ameri said.

While it can be a fun place to go for its shops and other recreational pastimes, Alki Beach is also a special place to embrace the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

“The thing that stood out to me most about Alki Beach was the beautiful view of the sunset,” Ameri said.

Another one of the many locations that have gone unnoticed by a significant amount of people is Wings Over Washington, the flyover located on Pier 57 in downtown Seattle.

The “Wings Over Washington” attraction at the Miners Landing pier along Seattle’s Waterfront. (Devin Murray)

Wings Over Washington is a small ride that takes people on a journey across a virtual landscape. It visits major landmarks and destinations all across the state of Washington, and it includes the smells and sounds associated with them.

Freshman business major Gabe Endresen remembered going on the exciting virtual tour during his freshman year of high school with some friends.

“It reminded me of Disneyland’s ride Soarin’ Over California,” said Endresen.

The tour was a special experience, and for Endreson, the mountains were what stood out to him the most. The coolness of the surrounding air conditioning made him feel like he was actually engulfed in alpine breezes.

These are just three of the countless activities that Seattle has to offer. While the more popular destinations are worth checking out, these hidden gems add variety to the overall Seattle experience. In addition, people will also be giving back to the community by visiting the smaller businesses. They just have to look for the opportunities.

“I also think supporting local businesses is something that we all can do as a student body and frequent shops that are nearby us,” Nirk said.Emerald city’s hidden gems