Find your summer sound

Students build their perfect playlists for warm summer days

Mason Brooks, Staff Reporter

Illustration by Gabrialla Cockerell

As spring quarter comes to a close, many student’s minds turn to one thing, summer! The warming weather and lack of classes bring a whole host of new opportunities and places to explore. Whether you’re off to the beaches or up into the mountains, a summer soundtrack is a perfect companion.

Diego Lomba took the idea of a summer soundtrack literally. This sophomore theology student is ready for the soundtrack of Super Mario Sunshine to be blasting in his headphones this summer.

“I enjoy Sunshine’s music because it has a central vibe. The songs all sound different, but the music as a whole fits the game’s beach theme very well,” Lomba said.

Each of the 3D Mario games contains music near and dear to Lomba’s heart, but Sunshine’s steel pan and guitar soundscape create the sound of a summer’s glow in a way the others can only dream of.

“Sunshine’s soundtrack commits to one idea and delivers on it effectively,” Lomba said. “I appreciate that it can do that so well, especially when it fits the summer-y vibe.”

For Abby Waunch, junior nursing student, building a new playlist for the warmer weather is quite a taxing process. To avoid burn-out, Waunch elongates the process.

“I usually make my playlists as I am listening to songs. I start the summer with one or two songs on my playlist, but by the end of the summer, there are usually between 20-30 songs that remind me of that summer,” Waunch said. “I have a playlist from last year that I would consider my current summer playlist, but I am planning on making a new playlist for this summer’s music.”

As for the content of Waunch’s playlists, some of her favorite artists right now are sure to make an appearance.

“Right now the only songs I have on it are “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers and “Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage The Elephant. Both of those are vibey summer songs, so I would for sure recommend them for the beginning of a summer playlist,” Waunch said.

Cameron Beers is a freshman music production major with a love of classic rock. For Beers, the ’70s and ‘80s guitar solos with the outrageously high vocals are perfect for the sunny afternoons and increasingly delayed sunsets.

“I’ll put on plenty of songs by bands like Journey, Muse, Boston, with some selections from Queen, U2, Elton John, and maybe Sleeping at Last for the calmer moments. This assortment of timeless classics is perfect for car rides or campfires,” Beers said.

Beers is confident that his collection of classic rock tunes will carry him through the summer months with ease.

“My top summer song is probably “Peace of Mind” by Boston. It’s a favorite of mine that I recommend for everyone,” Beers said.

Theology student Anna Dominguez plans to rely on her already stellar “Drives” playlist to breeze through the summer. Her playlist is filled to the brim with alternative artists built with the words “good vibes” in mind.

“My playlist has a lot of Ben Rector and ABBA. It also has a little bit of George Ezra. They all have some pretty strong summer vibes,” Dominguez said.

Ben Rector was at the top of Dominguez’s list of recommendations. She praised the artist’s ability to create infectiously fun songs that anyone can enjoy.

“I highly recommend Ben Rector! He just dropped a new single and his next album is coming out next year,” Dominguez shared.

This academic year has been a challenge, to say the least. As temperatures rise and the horizon continues to brighten, a new playlist can be the perfect thing to celebrate the end of classes and the beginning of summer.

“The importance of a summer playlist is in the capturing of memories through songs. I can listen to a playlist I made years ago and be transported back to exactly what I was thinking and feeling at the time,” Waunch said.