What to watch next

Students discuss their own Netflix recommendations

Mason Brooks, Staff Reporter

Students have been given a dose of quite a few Netflix recommendations this quarter, but it is time for the tables to turn. The mic has been passed to fellow peers here at SPU for them to share what they would recommend.

Though Netflix is full of a variety of series, sitcoms are the genre of choice for Hannah Peek, a first-year theater performance major. For Peek, 20th Century Fox’s, “New Girl” stands above the rest.

This relatively new addition to the Netflix sitcom line-up is a cute and quirky show about a young teacher named Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, as she moves in with three single guys in Los Angeles. What follows is a series filled with silliness and shenanigans baked into the perfect, laid-back, load of laughs.

“‘New Girl’ is a great comfort show. Each episode is quick and it is easy to get invested,” Peek said.

The show is perfect for small bites with its short and sweet 20-minute episodes. If you are looking for an easily digestible show to fill that quarantine-sized hole in your heart, “New Girl” might be right for you!

Peek is not the only one who prefers to watch “New Girl”. Third-year biology major, Isabella Chang, appreciates the show for more reasons than one.

“It’s a funny and mindless show to throw on in the background. It’s a good way to pass the time but it is also really entertaining,” Chang said.

While all the characters contribute to the humor, Chang favors one in particular.

“The dynamic of the friend group is hilarious, but Nick is my favorite character. His sense of humor and ability to put up with everyone is the best,” Chang said. “He makes the show so much better.”

Chicago Bulls celebrate winning championship game. ((Netflix © 2020))

For Jack Jamieson, an english and secondary education major, “The Last Dance” is the thing to watch right now. This sports docu-series, that originated on ESPN, is about Michael Jordan and the 1990’s Chicago Bulls. The show is partially an examination of Jordan’s rise from highschooler to superstar. It delves into the challenges of national recognition and fame.

The show takes its name from the team’s coach back then, Phil Jackson, as he knew that his prized team’s dynasty run was about to end. Jamieson was drawn to the life lessons and stories that can be gleaned from the series.

“I always find stories about dedication interesting, especially people who are so immersed in one thing that they cannot do anything else and feel fulfilled,” Jamieson said.

This show is for those of you who are looking for a series a little more grounded in reality. It is perfect for sports fans and documentary fans alike as it does a stellar job bringing the two genres into one.

Ecology major, Elizabeth Horton, recommends one final Netflix show to round out the list. “The Walking Dead”, a ten-year-old show still standing, remains the poster child of dystopian horror television. Based on a comic book, this gritty and gory series follows the fallout of a deadly zombie apocalypse.

It is half monster horror and half an exploration of the depravity of humans. This show’s dark not-too-distant future portrays the depths humanity can fall to when all bets are off. For Horton, the characters are what make the show.

“The character development is better than anything I have ever seen,” Horton said.

With stellar characters and a survival-oriented plot, “The Walking Dead” has captured Horton’s attention in a new light this year.

“It is a show all about perseverance and survival. It realistically shows how different people react to adversity and overcome it. I found it particularly encouraging in this season of Covid,” Horton said.

“The Walking Dead” is perfect for viewers looking to get lost in a world with problems much worse than the ones of our everyday lives. Nothing takes the mind off of the stress of today like taking in the problems of fictional characters…right?

As this quarter comes to a close and finals begin to wrap up, start thinking of what binge-worthy show you’ll start watching over Spring break.